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Larson Health Weight Loss Services

Larson Health Weight Loss Services

At Larson Health, we understand the struggle – we have tried all the diets out there and put the weight back on too. We help to inspire and guide clients battling with weight gain, or lifelong struggles with weight loss, to a healthier version of themselves through one healthy habit at a time. Like most things in life, change takes time, and you will be excited for the quick and continual results that will keep you motivated to continue moving forward.

We have helped over 3000 people succeed with their health goals. We keep accountability with our clients with weekly calls to encourage and celebrate their voyage to life-long health, provide a community of people with similar goals, provide you with options to reach your goals and needs, and provide continual value through your journey. Clients are 80% more successful with weight loss with a health coach to keep them accountable. Call for your FREE Health Assessment today and start your journey to a healthier YOU! No commitment is required.

“I lost 20 lb in a matter of 7 weeks and I’m still on the program” Patty Z

“I am so grateful to have coach Kim Larson to help me with my health and weight loss journey.” Barbie R  

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